A Leader in event security provision

Eye360 Security has extensive knowledge and experience in delivering event security solutions. Our brand prides itself with being the leading event security provider in the Ghana. We have the ability to develop and deliver incomparable security solutions for any type of event, having successfully done so for major events and other small private events

Eye360 Security believes event security is more than about the hiring of a security officer for an event. It requires a multi-layered approach to security planning to protect the guests, property, the venue, and the event planner. We bring a personal and comprehensive approach to handling all the necessary details to first meet and then exceed our clients’ expectations.

We provide every client with a customized approach for their event. Every event has special and unique requirements like site security, mobile patrols, static guards, crowd control, health and safety, life guards, barricades, security dogs, and other logistics supplies. Eye360 Security provides the total event security package with risk mitigation and security protocols that can be deployed anywhere in Ghana or beyond. Our event security team is usually involved in the operational planning and liaison with local contacts and resources, adapting protocols to attendee's needs, fitting within their expectations and leading the crisis management planning and execution where required. It's all about delivering a professional security service and ensuring your event is managed in a secure and successful manner without intruding on the goals and ambitions of the event itself.

Event security services include:

  • Event risk assessment
  • Event security planning
  • Event safety management
  • Event workforce management.
  • Police and other local security body liaison
  • Event security logistics supplies ( Barricades, etc)
  • Media Liaison
  • Consulting / Specialist advice such as barricade management, emergency medical team management, etc
  • VIP arrival and departure protocols
  • Other

Who we work with

Eye360 Security has provided event security services across Ghana including a host of Major outdoor/indoor events, plus a multitude of diplomatic and corporate gatherings, Games, and other social gatherings including weddings, Funerals, private parties, etc.

We would be more than happy to meet you and discuss your event security needs and requirements.